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Dryer Vent Cleaning

firemanThis is one of the most important of all areas in home maintenance that is often over looked by homeowners and is one that can have the most catastrophic consequences of not being maintained.

One of the most important functions of a dryer is the elimination of moisture recovered during the heating of damp clothing. This moisture is held in the warm air produced by the dryer as humidity, and is normally expelled to the outdoors through the dryer's vent. If this air can not be adequately removed, poor drying will result.

This moisture can also condense into pools of water in the dryer vent, eventually leaking out. Any moisture accumulation inside the dryer ducting is a sign of poor venting which should be looked into.

Did you know that flammable lint, and dirt and dust accumulate quite rapidly inside a dryer vent. A full load of wet clothes contains about a half gallon of water. Lint is created from the clothes as water is removed during the drying process. This lint will build up in crevices deep down inside the lint filter trap, and all along the dryer vent hose.

Dryer Vent Lint

Dryers are the number 1 source of fire in the home!

In 1999 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPC) developed a report called the “Report on Electric and Gas Clothes Dryers.” In that report they determined that of the 15,000 fires studied in one year, electric dryers were over 2.5 times more likely to be the cause of the fire than gas dryers.

Most people don't realize that dryer lint is extremely flammable and can lead to a dryer fire that can rapidly spread throughout your home.

Fires originated most frequently from two places: dryer venting and the lint trap.

Dryer fire  
dryer_fire2 burnt_dryer

What are the warning signs that dangerous lint build up is occurring in your dryer and venting system? Well, the symptoms may include:

  • Clothes take longer and longer to dry;
  • Clothes don't fully dry;
  • Clothes are hotter than normal at the end of the drying cycle;
  • The outside of dryer gets very hot;
  • The outside exhaust vent flapper does not open very much indicating low exhaust velocity;
  • Laundry room becomes more humid than it is usually;
  • Burnt smell is evident in the laundry room.
  • There are 15,000 fires caused every year by dryer vents.
  • If it takes more than one cycle to dry, you need to clean your dryer vent.
  • Dryer vents clogged with lint cost $18 to $24 more per month in energy costs.

We recommended cleaning your dryer vents and the dryer chassis out regularly.

You will be amazed at the difference a clean dryer vent can make.

  • Reduce your risk of a dryer fire.
  • Drastically lower your power bill.
  • Your dryer will last longer with less repairs.
  • Your clothes will dry faster with less lint left on them.            
  • Clogged vents cause dryers to overheat.

This process pays for itself.

Your dryer will run more efficiently with yearly dryer vent cleaning. When your dryer vent gets clogged, it can become a real fire hazard if left unserviced.  Don't put this off.  The risks of losing everything you have and possibly losing lives to a dryer fire are to high.

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